Open University – Web Manager

The Open University 
Web Manager 
Permanent 2001 - 2010

The Open university is one of the biggest universities in the UK for undergraduate education. There also are a number of full-time postgraduate research students based on the 48-hectare university campus where they use the OU facilities for research, as well as more than 1000 members of academic and research staff and over 2500 administrative, operational and support staff.

The OU was established in 1969 and the first students enrolled in January 1971. The University administration is based at Walton Hall, Milton Keyens in Buckinghamshire, but has regional centres in each of its thirteen regions around the United Kingdom. It also has offices and regional examination centres in most other European countries. The university awards undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, as well as non-degree qualifications such as diplomas and certificates or continuing education units.

Open University Library Website Manager – 9yr service – multiple platform iterations Bespoke/Livelink/Drupal/Documentum/

My role included writing business cases, policies and operational and procedural changes for the digital solutions that I tasked the team with creating. I facilitated between various working groups in particular editorial, marketing, innovation & technical development services, campus wide to support the future of the team’s developments. My objectives were to identify actions, innovations and future sustainability for the department digital offering, whilst providing access to variety of databases, research and learning assets for the wider community.

In my role I championed content empowerment for the 60+ content authors within the library contributing to the resources provide by the website by introducing a CMS. As part of the roll out I provided bespoke training and workshops as part of the overall implementation plan. As an ongoing process I introduced usability research and testing to gain enhanced insights to user behavior. Supported by quantitative date provided by analytics locally and university wide.

Open University motto is to “Learn and Live”